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Edward Lear, Pl. 6 Golden Eagle, hand-colored lithograph, first edition, 1833–37

Laura Oppenheimer
December 2016 — 886 views Birds of Europe Edward Lear Golden Eagle Hand-colored Lithograph Pl. 6

Basilius Besler, Pl. 352 Canary Islands Arborescent Houseleek; Colchicums, hand-colored engraving, 1613

Priscilla Susan Bury, Pl. 2 Japanese Lily, hand-colored aquatint engraving, 1831–34

Edward Lear, Pl. 279 Common Night Heron, Birds of Europe, 1832-37

Laura Oppenheimer
December 2016 — 812 views Birds of Europe Common Night Heron Edward Lear Plate 279

Dr. Robert Thornton Pl. 2, Cupid Inspiring the Plants with Love

Prideaux John Selby, Pl. 3A Cinereous Eagle, hand-colored engraving, 1821-34

Laura Oppenheimer
December 2016 — 579 views Cinereous Eagle Hand-colored Engraving Plate 3A Prideaux John Selby

John J. Audubon, Pl. 229 Scaup Duck

Laura Oppenheimer
December 2016 — 635 views Audubon Print Havell Edition John James Audubon Plate 229 Scaup Duck

John J. Audubon, Pl. 128 Rocky Mountain Goat

Laura Oppenheimer
December 2016 — 801 views John James Audubon

Priscilla Susan Bury, Pl. 17 Crinum giganteum

Laura Oppenheimer
December 2016 — 551 views Botanical Print

Maria Sibylla Merian, Pl. 22 Red Amaryllis

Laura Oppenheimer
December 2016 — 773 views Botanical Print

Basilius Besler, Pl. 151 Red Valerian, White canterbury bells, Blue canterbury bells, Hortus Eystettensis, Deluxe edtion, 1613

David Oppenheimer
December 2016 — 1005 views Botanical Print

John J. Audubon, Pl. 33 Mink, The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America, Bowen edition, 1845-1848

David Oppenheimer
December 2016 — 654 views John James Audubon

John J. Audubon, Pl. 127 Carolina Titmouse, Birds of America, octavo first edition, 1839-44

David Oppenheimer
December 2016 — 411 views John James Audubon

Pierre-Joseph Redoute, Pl. 435, Spanish Bluebell, Les Liliacees

David Oppenheimer
December 2016 — 724 views Botanical Print

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