Weekly Specials

Selections Curated by Mr. Joel Oppenheimer

John James Audubon, Pl.421 Frigate Pelican; Man of War Bird, Birds of America,  first edition octavo, 1839–1844, hand-colored lithograph

Edward Lear, Pl. 355 Whistling Swan, hand-colored lithograph, Birds of Europe, 1832–37

John James Audubon, Pl. 40 Little Screech Owl, Birds of America,  second edition octavo, 1856, hand-colored lithograph

John J. Audubon, Pl. 143 Severn River Flying Squirrel, The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America, Bowen edition, 1845-48, Hand-colored lithograph, Imperial Folio

John Gould, Pl. 60 Blue-throated Cazique, Family of Hummingbirds, 1849–1887, hand-colored lithograph